Braces-Safe Halloween Candy
Posted on 09/03/2018

Braces-Safe Halloween Candy

At West Orthodontics, our orthodontists and staff know how much of a drag wearing braces can be, especially with Halloween right around the corner! Nothing says fall more than spooky decorations, creative costumes, and pillowcases full of delicious candy… but now that you’re wearing braces, some of the candy you’ll get trick-or-treating might not be braces-safe!

Hard candies and sticky sweets can not only bend your archwires, but they contain enormous amounts of sugar that can cake onto your teeth in between your brackets, making it difficult to properly brush all of that cavity-causing sugar away! At West Orthodontics, it’s our mission to ensure that you have a great Halloween this year, regardless if you have braces or not… so our team has compiled a list of braces-friendly Halloween candy that we guarantee you will enjoy!

Trick-Or-Treat: 7 Types Of Braces-Friendly Halloween Candy

All of you chocolate lovers out there wearing braces, you are in luck! Soft, milk-chocolate with easy-to-eat ingredients are by far the safest of all Halloween candies. Additionally, you will oftentimes receive fun-sized portions of various chocolate bars while gallivanting through your neighborhood for free treats, helping you cut back on your sugar intake and chewing time compared to king-sized candy. Some of our favorite chocolatey, yet braces-friendly sweet treats include:

  • Kit Kats

  • 3 Musketeers

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  • York Peppermint Patties

  • Junior Mints

  • Hershey Bars

  • Hershey Kisses

Don’t Let Your Braces Get Monster-Mashed: Sweet Treats To Avoid

Beware! There are evil candies lurking in your pillowcase that will force you to visit your orthodontist again and again! Sneaky Halloween treats, such as chewy, gooey, and hard candies can get stuck in your brackets and put immense pressure on your archwires, eventually shifting your teeth out of alignment. These setbacks extend the amount of time you’ll have to keep your braces on, so you’ll want to avoid these scary treats as much as possible:

  • Bubblegum

  • Candy Corn

  • Snickers, or any candy containing nuts

  • Caramel apples, or any other caramel candies

  • Gummy Bears, or any other chewy candies

  • Jawbreakers, or any other hard candies

  • Jelly Beans

  • Licorice

Your Orthodontic Experts At West Orthodontics

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For all of you braces wearers out there, enjoying Halloween candy can be simple! Knowing which candies you can safely consume (and which candies you need to avoid) is crucial to ensuring that your braces are functioning properly and that your teeth are staying healthy and clean.

For more information on braces-friendly Halloween candy, feel free to contact us today! In addition, don’t forget to schedule a post-Halloween orthodontic appointment!  On behalf of our crew at West Orthodontics, don’t hesitate to get your candy on this Halloween - just keep it braces-friendly!

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