ImpressionAn accurate representation of the teeth is essential for proper treatment planning and orthodontic care. In many instances, a digital scan of your teeth will be used instead of a traditional impression to produce an accurate model of your teeth. This digital model can then be sent to Invisalign or to an orthodontic lab, where your custom appliance(s) can be fabricated. In addition, the digital models of your teeth can be stored electronically in your patient chart for quick and easy access at your appointment.

Benefits of Digital Scanning

  • Onscreen visualization – the clinician and patient can view the digital image being created in real-time as the teeth are scanned.
  • Replaces traditional impressions – reduces the use of impression material that can cause patient discomfort or gagging.
  • Superior accuracy – the elimination of multiple steps used in producing models of the teeth with impressions greatly increases the accuracy of the model for use in the fabrication of orthodontic appliances. This means fewer adjustments and remakes of appliances from orthodontic labs which can translate into shorter initial delivery appointments and shorter overall treatment length.

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