The Untold Horrors of DIY Orthodontics
Posted on 01/24/2018
The Untold Horrors of DIY Orthodontics

At West Orthodontics, we take great pride in the professional orthodontic treatment and committed, compassionate care you’ll receive in our completely safe office environment. When you’re looking for a Lansing or DeWitt orthodontist, you won’t find another who places such an emphasis on catering to your every orthodontic need and desire. We really want to stress the importance of this fact because there’s a new – and dangerous – orthodontic trend that’s been emerging – DIY braces (also known as do-it-yourself braces).

Don’t Try This at Home!

Because of its constant promotion on social media sites, such as YouTube, DIY braces have become a dangerously popular fad. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists has even reported that about 13 percent of their member orthodontists have seen patients that have attempted to use do-it-yourself braces to straighten their own teeth. After seeing people online shifting their teeth into alignment with primitive tools and methods, these patients tragically believed that they’d be able to give themselves a straighter smile as well. They’d attempt to use household items and objects like dental floss, rubber bands, string, and even paper clips to try and improve their smile just like in the videos they were watching.

Unfortunately, these attempts at teeth straightening frequently ended in disaster.

Orthodontics is such a complex field that it’s practically impossible for someone with no orthodontic experience to be able to perform the task successfully. An orthodontist’s tools and techniques are precisely designed to exert an exact amount of calibration and force onto a patient’s teeth. These different force levels are absolutely necessary in order to make sure that the patient’s teeth are completely safe. You’ll have no way of matching this through any DIY methods. In some cases, a rubber band (or a similar object) can cut off the blood flow to a tooth and end up killing it. You may not even recognize the damage that DIY braces can do at the time as the careless shifting of the teeth can cause severe, underlying dental problems that aren’t easily noticeable. Because of this, you may end up having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to fix your smile all just to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a professional orthodontic treatment. So please – if you’re desiring a straighter smile, just visit a professional DeWitt and Lansing orthodontist.

And remember – don’t try this at home!

Visit Your DeWitt and Lansing Orthodontist!

If you’d like to visit a trusted and professional Lansing and DeWitt orthodontist, feel free to give us a call at (517) 507-3001. Alternatively, you can fill out our online appointment request form to schedule an appointment with us through our website. We’re looking forward to seeing you and providing you with a completely safe and worry-free orthodontic treatment!

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