Introduction To Pediatric Orthodontics

Haney Orthodontics San Anselmo Pediatric Orthodontics Patient

Every parent wants the best for their children, and that includes their oral health. At Haney Orthodontics, we use the most advanced technology and tools to deliver the best of care to patients of all ages. As a premier San Anselmo pediatric orthodontist,
Dr. Eric Haney leads a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to provide the best of care to young patients and their family members of all ages.


Our Tools and Technology

Helping your child obtain a beautiful, healthy smile is what we do at Haney Orthodontics. Our San Anselmo & San Rafael pediatric orthodontics team studies the movement of your child’s jaw to help determine whether he or she has or is developing an over- or underbite. We also use panoramic X-rays to determine whether there are overcrowding issues, missing or impacted teeth. If corrective alignment is needed, we can help you choose the treatment option that’s right for you and your child.

The Benefits of Early Detection

To ensure good oral health for life, parents should bring children in by age 7 for their first exam, when their permanent teeth have all grown in. Along with establishing a routine of regular care, our initial exam allows us to spot any oral problems that may be developing and in need of our pediatric orthodontics treatment. Early detection can often mean a shorter treatment time overall, which usually also means a less expensive schedule of treatment. Of course, we’re just as happy as you are to learn that there are no current or developing problems.

Interacting With Young Patients

As part of our San Rafael pediatric orthodontics practice, we take the time to get to know children and put them at ease, so they won’t fear attending future appointments. We can help explain proper brushing, flossing and additional oral health measures and why they are important, so that young ones understand the need for daily care. We also provide fluoride treatments and sealants, if warranted, to help ensure healthy teeth.

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