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When you choose Haney Orthodontics as your primary orthodontic treatment provider, you can feel rest assured in knowing that you’ll be in great hands! Dr. Eric Haney and our experienced staff members provide patients all across the Golden State with the world-class orthodontic treatments and care they deserve. With a convenient office location in heart of Marin County, our orthodontic team is committed to offering all Californians with individualized braces, Invisalign, and any other orthodontic procedure that best fits their needs and budget.

Your Expert Orthodontists In San Rafael, CA

As one of the leading orthodontic practices in San Anselmo, San Rafael, & Fairfax, CA, Haney Orthodontics provides professional orthodontic services and treatmentsin an atmosphere that feels like a second home, making your visit to see us something you and your family will look forward to! Our team knows the fundamental importance of regular orthodontic examinations, as adequate orthodontic treatment plays a huge role in your visual appearance and well-being, providing you with the gorgeous smile that you deserve. Whether you're an adult, adolescent, or child, we are committed to helping you achieve a smile you're proud to show off to your friends and family!

Haney Orthodontics: Your Home Away From Home

Here at Haney Orthodontics, our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that we utilize the best orthodontic technology possible; which is why we’ve worked even harder to offer our patients with a comfortable office environment. Dr. Eric Haney and our orthodontic team set out to create a practice that’s both relaxing and family-friendly, setting the standard for orthodontists throughout the greater California area.

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Offering advanced orthodontic technology and years of hands-on experience, our entire staff at Haney Orthodontics will provide you and your family with the best treatment in San Anselmo & San Rafael, CA! Offering a wide variety of orthodontic services and procedures, such as Invisalign, we promise that our orthodontic team can diagnose your dental needs and find an accurate solution right away. To get started on your orthodontic journey towards a better smile, don’t hesitate to contact us at our office today! On behalf of Dr. Eric Haney and our entire staff, we can’t wait to help give you the smile you deserve!