Testimonials From Real Haney Orthodontics Patients

At Haney Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in the beautiful smiles we create for patients throughout the San Rafael area, through a variety of services including braces, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Dr. Haney and his professional team believe that everyone deserves a smile that they are proud to show off, and that’s why we work closely with each patient to create a treatment plan that meets their individual needs and fits their lifestyle. With our dedication to excellence, friendly service, and real results, it’s easy to see why patients love visiting our office! But don’t take our word for it - read the following testimonials from real patients and discover why Haney Orthodontics is the preferred San Rafael orthodontist!


"After my first round of orthodontia during high school I failed to wear my retainers and then in college my wisdom teeth came in further shifting the position of my formerly straight teeth. After that I became more and more self-conscious about smiling that is until I got the opportunity to share these concerns with Dr. Haney. Dr. Haney carefully explained a treatment plan that would get my teeth back into a health position within 12 months. I just got my braces off and I am extremely excited with the final result and super grateful for his expertise. Dr. Haney’s care and passion for his work has exceeded any expectation I ever could have."
-Shadi Z. (Ross)


"My experience here at Haney Orthodontics was incredible. I felt welcomed and cared for every appointment. I would not have wished it another way. I am truly grateful for everything they have done for me."
-Ernesto G. (San Rafael)


"My teeth look wonderful! Thank you for making my teeth look perfect."
-Lindsay N. (San Rafael)


"Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get the smile I wanted. All of you are so friendly and I couldn't have asked for a better experience".
-Sofia C. (San Anselmo)


"Thank you to Dr. Haney and his amazing staff for their expertise and help throughout my treatment. Haney Orthodontics is the best!!!"
-Mario L. (San Francisco)


"I'm so glad I went through with having braces again, this time as an adult. The staff was so efficient and nice! The appointments were painless and quick. I'm thrilled with how my teeth look and this time will religiously wear my retainers!"
-Chloe C. (San Rafael)


"Dr. Haney was excellent at explaining the options, timing and cost. Everything about Haney Orthodontics is professional and friendly. They're really good about using the latest technology for appointment reminders and super helpful with emergency visits. The office environment is great. My son can be a little nervous about these kinds of experiences but he loved each visit. We just had the braces come off today and we're really happy with the results. Our dentist also said that she's been impressed with Dr. Haney's work. And for moms, it's so nice that they are next door to the library as you can nip over for a quick visit while your child has his/her appointment!“
-Suzanne S. (San Anselmo)

"I want to let you know how grateful both Emily and I are for her smile. Thank you so much. Both Emily and I feel like you were the third member in "the trenches" with us during this whole process. We know how much her case presented a challenge initially only for more unforeseen issues continue to arise and place even more challenges every six months or so for the past four and a half years. You have dealt with our frustrations in addition to the physical challenges of her case and still made it fun for us to come in for her appointments."
-Brittany B. (Fairfax)

"I just wanted to let you know how great Brad looks and you can already see a different person emerging. It's changed his entire face and he seems more confident and happy. He keeps saying, 'thanks for my teeth mom'. Thanks for working so hard for us."
- Anne N. (San Anselmo)

"I cannot thank Dr. Haney and his team enough for their kindness and patience over the years. I had Invisalign and saw good results. Dr. Haney & team were ever gracious, kind, and accommodating of my busy life, and I'm so appreciative. As a doctor, he's super competent and efficient - one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Special shout out to Danielle, Natalie, and Sammie for being absolute dolls. Thank you all so much!!"
- Alexandra N.

"Dr. Haney and his team treat you like a friend. I am going to miss seeing them regularly.”
- Kris B.

“Dr. Haney explained what he was going to do to me and treated me with great carefulness. He is the best orthodontist I will ever have!”
- Shea H.

“Dr. Haney and his team are a delight to work with. Dr. Haney is very professional and easy to communicate with. I also enjoy his high tech office. Thank you for my perfect teeth!”
- Gail M.

“I love the orthodontist because, they are always welcoming when you walk through the door and are super, super nice.”
- Marya S. (San Anselmo)

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