Adult Orthodontics

We Offer San Anselmo Orthodontics For Adults

At Haney Orthodontics, we’re in the business of creating healthy and attractive smiles! Our Marin County orthodontist, Dr. Eric Haney, uses all the latest orthodontic techniques and technologies to provide his patients with exceptional orthodontic care so they can smile with complete confidence!

Now’s a Great Time for Adults to Achieve Their Best Smiles!

With several effective orthodontic solutions now available that are designed to help people achieve their best smiles quickly, conveniently, and comfortably, now’s a great time for adults to undergo orthodontic treatment. If you’re an adult who’d like to enjoy all the social and professional benefits that come with having a healthy and beautiful smile, there couldn’t be a better time than now to visit us for the orthodontic treatment you need!

If you’re like many adults, you may have never received orthodontic treatment when you were younger to correct your crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth. Because you didn’t receive treatment earlier in your life, your jaws may be misaligned or you could have a jaw joint disorder now that you’re an adult. Some untreated orthodontic issues can lead to things like gum disease, tooth decay, earaches, and headaches and even make it more difficult to speak clearly and chew food efficiently.

How Adult Treatment Differs From Early & Adolescent Treatment

People of all ages can improve their smiles with adult, adolescent, and early orthodontics. However, for adults, the process of straightening teeth is often more complicated than it is for younger people, due to the existing dental conditions many adults have. And since the jaw bone in an adult is done growing, adult treatment typically takes longer to complete than treatment for children and adolescents whose jaw bones are still growing.

Treatment Options for Adults

Our San Anselmo orthodontist offers our adult patients orthodontic treatment using braces or Invisalign aligners. Invisalign is a great treatment choice for adults who want to enjoy all the benefits that come with wearing aligners that are clear and removable, for treatment that’s very discreet and convenient.

If you’re looking for a discreet and convenient way to achieve your most remarkable smile that doesn’t involve wearing any metal brackets or wires on your teeth, then clear removable Invisalign aligners may be the perfect treatment choice for you!

When you’re wearing Invisalign, you can smile with complete confidence knowing that most people you meet won’t even notice the aligners on your teeth. You can also enjoy the convenience of being able to remove the aligners at mealtime and when brushing and flossing. You can even take the aligners out briefly for special occasions like family photos and job interviews, as long as you put them right back in afterward.

Contact Us Today For San Anselmo Orthodontics for Adults

If you’re an adult who is ready to take that important first step toward achieving the straight and healthy smile you’ve always wanted, please request an appointment so you can meet with Dr. Haney. During your first visit with us, Dr. Haney will provide you with an examination followed by a discussion of his findings and your potential treatment options. We look forward to welcoming you to Haney Orthodontics, where we love helping our patients achieve their best smiles!