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We at Haney Orthodontics believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. This is why we serve San Anselmo, San Rafael, & the Marin County area with a variety of orthodontic options , including Invisalign. Dr. Eric Haney and his skilled dental team are proud to offer a wide variety of teeth-straightening appliances to our patients, including discreet Invisalign® aligners. Our San Anselmo and San Rafael Invsalign® services can straighten your teeth without drawing unnecessary attention to your mouth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® does not utilize brackets or wires to straighten teeth. Instead, the aligners are clear, smooth, and virtually invisible. 

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign provides you with the beautiful, straight smile you desire and is suitable for people of most ages, including adults. Our Invisalign® Teen appliances are also a great choice for teenagers who want to straighten their teeth in the most comfortable and natural-looking way. Adults with issues such as underbites/overbites, crossbites or crowded teeth will find that they are eligible for Invisalign rather than traditional braces. Many adults prefer these options for a variety of reasons. Invisalign is a newer technology that has become quite mainstream for treating a variety of malocclusion problems that adults experience. Invisalign also offers a whole host of other benefits for adults, including the following: 

  • the clear design makes them more discreet so that most people don't even know you're wearing Invisalign

  • smooth edges that do not cut your mouth like metal braces

  • the tray material remains strong enough to move the teeth over time but rarely causes the discomfort of metal braces

  • custom-made trays fit the mouth of each patient perfectly

  • you can remove the trays when you eat which allows you to eat the foods that you love

  • their removability allows you to get down to your natural teeth easily for flossing and brushing which improves oral hygiene

Adults seeking services can now enjoy all of these great benefits.

What Can Invisalign Treat?

Keep in mind that Invisalign may not work for everyone's needs. However, Invisalign commonly treats:

  • overbites/underbites where teeth push inward or outward

  • crossbites which occur when the top and bottom teeth do not line up properly

  • crowded or irregularly spaced teeth

Some people report they have also received faster treatment with Invisalign than with traditional metal braces. Depending on your individual needs, your treatment time may vary, but treatment can be done in as little as 6 to 15 months. Treatment time for traditional braces can run anywhere between one to three years, depending on the patient's needs.To get the maximum benefit from your aligners, you need to wear them at least 22 hours per day and replace your aligners as advised by your orthodontist (it will generally be about every two weeks). 


Contact Your Local San Anselmo Orthodontist:

If you are looking for Invisalign in San Anselmo, San Rafael, or the Marin County area, please contact us at Haney orthodontics or give us a call at 415-453-7880 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Haney and our team cannot wait to welcome you to the Haney Orthodontics family! 

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