Our office is dedicated to the specialty practice of orthodontics and dental-facial orthopedics. Orthodontists have completed two to three years of university-based post-doctoral residency training to acquire and master the skills to manage the complexities of orthodontic problems and their treatment.

Orthodontics is a team effort requiring the involvement of patients, parents, the orthodontist and the staff. Recognizing this, we welcome parents, family members and friends in our treatment area anytime – we even provide chairs!

Our practice uses the most up-to-date techniques available; incorporating the most effective treatments and materials in the daily care of our patients. Orthodontic suppliers recognize Dr. Reddy’s expertise and ask him to evaluate new instruments and products.

We use digital X-ray equipment in our office which reduces X-ray exposure up to 70%. These images can be enhanced and manipulated to increase their diagnostic value. They are instantly available and transferable electronically to enhance communication with our patients, their health care providers and insurance carriers.

We recognize that some patients have allergies; therefore, we are a latex-free office.

For the enjoyment of our patients and their parents, we also offer free Wi-Fi.

Practice Philosophy

The purpose and mission of our practice is to provide the most up-to-date orthodontic care possible to all our patients in a comfortable, caring atmosphere; that ensures an enjoyable orthodontic experience to children and adults alike.

We are tireless students constantly pursuing new knowledge and treatment techniques to ensure our practice is always evolving to better treat our patients.