For Adults

At Lunsford McCaffrey Orthodontics, we proudly provide children, teens, and adults living in the West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, and Wellington, FL areas with high quality orthodontic care in our family-based, high-technology office. Whether you’re looking for an orthodontist for your kids in Boynton Beach or want to improve your own smile discreetly with Invisalign, we can meet all your family’s orthodontic needs in our West Palm Beach orthodontic office.

Adult Braces in the West Palm Beach Area

Adults.jpgMany people today still think of just children and teens when they hear the term “orthodontic treatment.” While it is recommended that all children see an orthodontist for the first time by the age of 7, treatment later in life is always an option, as long as the teeth and gums are healthy. Whether you need orthodontic treatment to correct a jaw joint disorder or want to close gaps in your teeth, Lunsford McCaffrey Orthodontics is here for you!

Today, nearly one-fourth of all the patients we see at our West Palm Beach practice are adults. When you visit our practice for orthodontic treatment as an adult, Dr. Lunsford, or Dr. McCaffrey, will devise a treatment plan just for you that addresses your orthodontic needs while fitting into your your lifestyle, whether that be through conventional braces or through the use of Invisalign.

What You Need To Know Before Orthodontic Treatment

Although healthy teeth can be moved successfully at any age, there are a couple of things that must be taken into consideration before adult treatment can start. First, since the adult jawbone is fully developed, it cannot be changed with orthodontic appliances like it can for a child.

Second, if an adult has periodontal disease, orthodontic treatment cannot begin without risking bone loss. If you’re an adult who wishes to undergo orthodontic treatment and you have gum disease, you must seek gum disease treatment to ensure your gums are healthy before we can provide you with the orthodontic care you need.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

We are proud to offer adult patients many choices in orthodontic appliances including:

Metal Braces – These braces are the most common type and are made of high quality stainless steel. Metal braces are popular among adults who don’t mind wearing visible appliances on their teeth.

Damon Braces – Damon braces feature brackets that use self-ligation technology wherein the archwire can move back and forth inside the bracket. This makes wearing Damon braces comfortable and can even result in a reduced treatment time and fewer necessary adjustment appointments.

Ceramic Braces – These braces are similar to metal braces except the brackets are made of a clear, ceramic material for more discreet treatment. Many of our adult patients wear ceramic braces due to their cosmetic appeal.

Invisalign – Invisalign consists of a sequence of custom-made, removable, clear aligners which fit snugly over the teeth. When you wear Invisalign, most people won’t even realize you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, as the aligners are virtually invisible. And since the aligners can be taken out, you can remove them when eating and when brushing and flossing your teeth. Invisalign patients love the discreet and convenient nature of this very popular treatment method!

Visit Your Orthodontist Near Boynton Beach

It is never too late to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted! If you are located in or around Boynton Beach or Wellington, FL and are interested in adult orthodontic treatment, please contact our office or request an appointment online. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice located in West Palm Beach and helping you achieve your best smile!