Financial & Insurance

h-perfectSmile.jpgWe strive to provide you with affordable, high-quality treatment that fits your budget! Your treatment plan will include a breakdown of all applicable fees, and we will inform you of all costs before treatment is administered. We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. Our office accepts payments by cash, cheques, and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We offer a discount for payment in full at the start of service.

Insurance Policy

Your dental plan can be important to help you pay for quality dental care. There is a growing trend among dental offices to have patients pay up-front for their entire dental bill and submit for re-imbursement on their own. In order to serve our patients we are happy to assist you with your dental plan and help you receive the benefits to which your entitled.

Insurance plans vary greatly between companies and plans within each company. Your policy is determined by your employer/employee benefit package. Under the privacy act insurance companies do NOT release information to dental offices as we are third party. The contract is between you, the employee, and your insurance company. If you have questions specific to your plan, ask your employer.

Patients in our office can present with over a thousand different dental plans and payment schedules. These plans and schedules seem to be constantly changing. We are unable to predict or know what every plan may cover or the multiple reasons they can apply an exclusion or deny benefits. We can only estimate your coverage in good faith but cannot guarantee coverage due to these complexities of insurance contracts.

To the best of our abilities we will help you with your dental claim forms and submission of these forms. Many insurance companies allow electronic submission of claims and we would be happy to submit these when possible. We can pre-determine benefits for major work as specified by your plan usually crowns, bridges, implants and orthodontics.

You are always responsible for all fees with regards to treatment you have received regardless of your benefits and coverage. Payment options that are accepted at time of appointment are cash, cheque, debit, Visa, or MasterCard.

If you have any questions, our courteous staff is always available to answer them.